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EAL Philosophy

NSIS recognizes that our students speak other languages fluently. But to be able to function in an academic environment effectively, they need to be able to speak the English language as well, being the lingua franca. Students need to be able to communicate ideas, write essays, and understand complex ideas in English text and speech. We are preparing our students to become life-long learners in order to assure that they become effective communicators in our society. In pursuit of this we use systems that are designed to give a complete language experience using all four skills. In addition, there are various resources available to aid the students in pursuit of their English language acquisition.

EAL Course description

At all levels, students are exposed to a variety of language through a wide spectrum of mediums, including textbooks, readers, age appropriate literature, music, videos, as well as computer software that are designed to help learn quickly through immersion.

There is at each level a core text which is designed to be used with supplementary materials. To maintain student interest in learning, one particular book cannot be followed each and every period. A regular progression is made through incorporating materials that relate to topics, grammar, and vocabulary of the core text. The four main skills are addressed to meet individual needs of the students in all grades.

In addition to the regular schedule of work in the core text, teachers provide extra reading comprehension practice using comprehensive practice books. Spelling and vocabulary practice is provided by SRA Spelling books from the appropriate grade level. Extra practice is also provided by linked websites.

All EAL students are also required to complete various assignments and projects throughout the school year. This can include but not limited to oral presentations, multimedia presentations, current event studies, class reader reports, performing in plays, academic English vocabulary, etc.