Outstanding Global Education and Much More.


The NSIS Academic Curriculum provides an international education with a firm focus on global issues by engaging students from different cultures within the school in a broad curriculum that promotes worldwide concerns. Through this global approach, students are prepared by teachers/administrators to face the challenges that will await them in today's real world.

Our curriculum framework integrates levels of knowledge, skills and understanding with the appropriate stages of a student's intellectual and physical development. This has enabled the school to develop clear and measurable benchmarks which accurately measure a student’s progress and performance. Whenever possible, a multicultural and global dimension is introduced in our academic framework so that our students will have a working understanding of world cultures with an emphasis on Asian studies. This "school based" approach to academic curriculum development assures that our students are taught knowledge and skills based on relevant global concerns and issues and that these are integrated with their individual and group levels of educational development and learning abilities.

All of this is accomplished in a caring, Christian environment in the heart of the city.


the curriculum at NSIS incorporates a global view of international education. It contains elements of both the British and American programs with consideration for Thai culture and wisdom whilst remaining outside of national systems.

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