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NSIS Home-Based Learning

NSIS recognises other means of teaching our students especially in situations that restrict their, as well as their teachers', movements. Home-based learning systems are now getting popular but we at NSIS also keep our focus on the real purpose of setting up our own virtual classes, and that is the continuous flow of providing our students the materials they need, as well as interacting with them where teachers can also provide the necessary interventions the way we do in real classroom environments.

Below are two of the systems that we use.

Google Classroom

This is where students and teachers collaborate using their school-provided email addresses. With the Google Classroom, teachers are able to create a virtual classroom where materials needed by the students in addition to the ones sent through the email are provided. With another tool from Google, the students can also submit their completed works and other activities to either their common or individual Google Drives associated with their school email addresses.

If you are one of our students, you may click on the image below to enter your classroom or join a class created by your teacher.

Google Meet

When personal live interactions with students are needed, teachers can also make use of Google's chat, messenger, call and video-conferencing tools. All of these are part of Google Meet where teachers and students can communicate, deliver live lectures and presentations, as well as engage in real-time live interactions and forums. All that is needed is a device with a microphone and a monitor which everyone has nowadays.

This tool allows teacher-student interactions that are similar to real classroom environments while in the comfort and safety of their homes. It has an advantage as students experience less destractions that normally occur in thier classrooms, while they are also under the close supervision of their parents or guardians. The teachers too can focus on their lessons and only need minimal classroom management.

If you are one of our students, you may click on the image below to enter your classroom or join a meeting started by your teacher.